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The following data is for Citizens Financial Group, Inc. | NYSECFG Friday October 27th, 2017

Based on the aggregate value of the company over its current share price and the total amount of outstanding stocks, the market cap of Citizens Financial Group, Inc. (CFG) is presently reeling at 19.5B. Acting as the blue chip in today’s trade, Citizens Financial Group, Inc.’s existing market cap value showcases its prevailing assets, capital and revenues. It also indicates that the share tends to be less volatile and proves to be more attractive than smaller companies because of their stability and the likelihood of higher dividend offers.

The company’s P/E ratio is currently valued at 16.43, with a forward P/E of 13.73. The existing P/E value will allow investors to easily determine whether the company’s stock price is cheap or expensive. Corporations that acquires a higher P/E ratio are usually growth stocks. However, their relatively high multiples do not necessarily indicate that their shares are overpriced and not good buys for the long term.

Citizens Financial Group, Inc. has a current ratio of *TBA, indicating whether the company’s short-term assets (cash, cash equivalents, marketable securities, receivables and inventory) are readily obtainable to pay off its short-term liabilities. Theoretically, the higher the current ratio, the better. The corporation holds a quick ratio of *TBA, signifying the short-term liquidity and the ability to use its quick assets to pay the current liabilities. However, investors should also know that this is not the whole story on company liquidity.

It’s ROA is valued at 0.80% marking the total profit the company generates as a percentage of the value of its total assets. Generally, the higher the ROA, the better it is. A falling ROA is almost always a problem, but investors and analysts should also know that the ROA does not account for outstanding liabilities and may signpost a greater profit level than actually derived. The firm has a ROI of 9.00%, calculating the gain or loss generated on investment relative to the sum of money invested. Return on investments is normally expressed as a percentage and is used for personal financial decisions. The existing ROI value of Citizens Financial Group, Inc. outlines the firm’s profitability alongside the efficiency of different investments.

Citizens Financial Group, Inc. has an EPS value of 2.34, demonstrating the portion of the company’s earnings, net of taxes and preferred stock dividends that is allotted to each share of common stock. The current amount sensibly gauges the company’s liability per unit of shareholder ownership and indicates whether it is a key driver of share prices. The current share price of Citizens Financial Group, Inc. is valued at $38.51 with a change in price of 1.26%. Company has a target price of 39.89.

The existing EPS value gives an insight into the company’s EPS growth this year at 27.10%. With this in mind, the EPS growth for the following year measures at 6.94%. It has an EPS growth of 16.80% for the past five years, indicating an EPS value of 15.59% for the next five years. The sales growth for the past five years is 0.30%.

Disclaimer:  Outlined statistics and information communicated in the above editorial are merely a work of the authors. They do not ponder or echo the certified policy or position of any business stakeholders, financial specialists, or economic analysts. Specimens laid down on the editorial above are only cases with information collected from various sources. The authority will not be liable for anyone who makes stock portfolio or financial decisions as per the editorial, which is based only on limited and open source information. Conclusions from the analysis of the editorial shall not depict the position of any analysts or financial professionals.
*TBA = Data not given

Citizens Financial Group, Inc. (NYSE: CFG)


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