Real estate prices should continue rising in 2019


After a historic 2017, the real estate market has maintained its momentum in 2018. In the former, sales volumes have increased, like prices, over most of the territory. For 2019, the average price per square meter could still grow.

The numbers have just fallen. After an exceptional 2017 vintage, the real estate market had a glamorous year of 2018. According to the first data published on Monday by Century 21, one of the main real estate agency networks in France, the average price per square meter in the former was 2,595 euros in 2018. A figure up 1 , 7% over 12 months. The volume of transactions remains stable, around 950,000 sales. And the year 2019 promises to be just as radiant for the sector. In the game of predictions, Laurent Vimont, the president of Century 21, predicts a slight increase in prices of the former, between 1% and 2%, while conceding that the year 2019 could this time mark the end of the trend bullish. The volume of transactions could when to him again to hear the million of sales.

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The reasons for this good health obviously come first and foremost from historically low mortgage interest rates. Their recovery, anticipated in early 2018, never took place. These are even today often below the level of inflation. And according to Laurent Vimont, these should remain attractive, at least in the first months of the year. Moreover, the French are not mistaken and use credit at full speed: the share of loans taken out to finance a property purchase has increased by 1.6% in 2018, to reach 78.4 %. Better yet, the share of personal contribution necessary to finance an acquisition has reduced, it, as thin skin. "In 2018, 100% of the purchase price of a property could be financed by the mortgage, even with monthly payments of 1,000 euros, explains Laurent Vimont, president of the network Century 21. What is, for me, the greater proof of the dynamism of the market ". Since 2016, with monthly payments of 1,000 euros over 20 years, we can acquire a property worth slightly more than 200,000 euros without contribution, says Century 21. That is, more or less, the average price of a property former.

Annual evolution of average prices per square meter in France (if the graph is not displayed, click on the link opposite)

Be careful though, prices do not change at the same pace in all regions. If, in 2018, the price of the square meter has further increased from 4.1% in Paris to 9.452 euros, it has however decreased in three regions: in Brittany (2.007 euros per square meter old, -0, 5% over 12 months), in Center-Val-de-Loire (1.575 euros, -1.5%) and in the Hauts-de-France (1.412 euros, -1.9%). The highest growth in the regions is recorded in New Aquitaine: + 7.5% in 2018. The square meter costs an average of 2,227 euros.

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