The keys to investing in real estate in Thailand


The real estate market in Thailand

Located in the heart of Southwest Asia, Thailand has many assets: breathtaking landscapes, annual economic growth of more than 4% and attractive taxation. With more than 35 million people visiting the country each year, tourism accounts for almost 10% of Thailand's GDP. Thanks to the alliance of tradition, with a 95% Buddhist people, and the modernity of the infrastructures, the country of the smile interests more and more French and European investors, whether to enjoy a happy retirement or to make their wealth grow.

The advantages of investing in Thailand

Investing in real estate in Thailand is accessible: indeed, if property ownership is governed by normative texts, it is quite possible for a French resident to buy a house or apartment, the existing constraints concerning above all the grounds of more than 1600m2. To make an investment in Thailand, it is especially to benefit from an advantageous taxation: no tax of house, no inheritance costs below 2.6 million euros, no tax on real estate fortune nor of tax on the capital gain. Moreover, since 1974, rental income from Thailand is taxed in Thailand and not in France.

A real estate investment in all serenity

Established more than 10 years ago, Thai Property Promotion brings together a team of 18 people dedicated to supporting investors in real estate in Thailand. Thai Property Promotion, an expert French-speaking company in the Thai market, offers its French clientele a wide range of investment goods, mainly apartment-hotel products. Managed by a hotel group, these properties in a hotel complex, accessible from € 60,000, allow investors to obtain a 10% guarantee on the property.

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