84,000 "yellow vests" throughout France, increased mobilization

Act IX of the mobilization of "yellow vests" continued Saturday, January 12, two months after the first day of action on November 17, and three days before the launch of the "great national debate" wanted by Emmanuel Macron. In the early evening, the Ministry of the Interior counted 84,000 demonstrators throughout France (including 8,000 in Paris) is nearly 35,000 more than the previous week.

After a decrease in mobilization during the holidays, the protest had already rebounded on January 5, with 50,000 demonstrators (including 3,500 in the capital). For this ninth Saturday, several calls had been launched by figures of the movement: Paris, Bourges and several other major cities. Some parades were peppered with violence at the end of the day, but no major overflow is to be deplored.

  • 6,300 people in Bourges

  • More than 6,000 people marched in Bourges (Cher), outside the historic center, while the prefecture banned any gathering in the city center. On the route of the demonstration, the streets leading to the city center were closed by ropes of policemen.

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    The event was preceded by a speech by Maxime Nicolle, known under the pseudonym "Fly Rider", and Priscillia Ludosky, two figures of "yellow vests" who had, for the first time, called the rally in Bourges. The city was chosen because of its central geographic position and the fact that it is a little less known to the police " to avoid "Nassages" and tensions with the police, explained Maxime Nicolle.

    # Act9 the #YellowCards start scrolling on the #Bourges outdoor boulevard after a short talk by Maxi … https://t.co/4eYudR2o6V

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    Despite the ban, about 500 "yellow vests" demonstrated in the historic center. According to our journalist on the spot, tensions with the police broke out in the afternoon. At dusk, the demonstration ended in the clash, between water cannons and tear gas. On the sidelines of the mobilization, nineteen people were arrested, according to the prefecture. According to the prefecture, there is "Little damage" in the city center and eleven people were injured, including two CRS.

    # Act9 Protesters at #Bourges set up a barricade on Sirocourt. The confrontation promises to be violent. … https://t.co/oja3Xc5PSu

    – ChristopheAyad (@Christophe Ayad)

  • In Paris, clashes in the Champs Elysees area

  • In Paris, the procession of "yellow vests" left around 11 am from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Bercy (12th arrondissement). It stopped around noon place of the Bastille to end Place de l'Etoile, at the top of the Champs-Elysees. Under the watchword "We will do the sales in Paris! ", the call was relayed on social networks including Eric Drouet, one of the figures of the movement.

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    Among the slogans chanted by the protesters: "Free Christophe", in reference to the former boxer Christophe Dettinger, filmed hitting two gendarmes last Saturday, "Benalla in prison! ", "Macron resignation! " or "Emmanuel Macron, head of con, we come to get you home! ". At the head of the procession, an order service carrying white armbands showed the path to follow.

    Always Friedland Avenue. Good-natured atmosphere here, despite the smell of the tear #Yellowguns https://t.co/tzsJF3tPMt

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    After a morning without incident, the Paris demonstration was the scene of clashes, throwing projectiles against tear gas in the area of ​​the Champs-Elysees and around the Arc de Triomphe. To repel the protesters, the police also made extensive use of water cannons.

    On the Champs Elysees. A few detonations in the distance, before the advance of the water truck, followed by the GJ … https://t.co/n8AtRi3Zbx

    – pibzedog (@Pierre Bouvier)

    At 7:30 pm, security forces announced that they had arrested 156 people in the capital, notably for "participation in a group to commit violence", "carrying a prohibited weapon", "violence against law enforcement officers" "; 108 were placed in custody, according to the Paris prosecutor's office.

    Summons and lachrymos near the Arc de Triomphe, same thing on the Champs #giletsjaunes #acteIX # 12January https://t.co/21M2zFbOpM

    – pibzedog (@Pierre Bouvier)

    The prefect dreaded yesterday "More radical", claiming to observe "Week after week a drift towards more and more violent behavior". Five thousand members of the security forces were mobilized in the capital, with the reinforcement of fourteen armored wheeled vehicles of the gendarmerie.

  • Demonstrations in several major cities

  • About 6,000 "yellow vests" were demonstrating in Bordeaux, according to the prefecture, against 4,600 last Saturday. A mobilization that once again dedicates the capital of New Aquitaine as one of the strongholds of the movement in France.

    The rally extends for 1 km in Bordeaux, more than last week according to the #gilestjaunes questioned

    – clrmayer (@Claire Mayer)

    Another stronghold: Toulouse. They were also 6,000 to march in the Pink City, according to the prefecture. The procession began to parade quietly at 14 hours in the center, before making a junction with the fifty demonstrators gathered at the call of the CGT in support of demands for increased purchasing power. The demonstration then degenerated into the central square of the Capitol, when the police repulsed very mobile groups who threw projectiles and loaded them. The cafes and shops around closed their grills during these clashes, thirteen people were "Slightly" wounded and 33 arrested for "Degradations and violence".

    In Saint-Brieuc, 2,300 demonstrators (according to the police) from all over Brittany marched through the streets of the city, where incidents broke out when the demonstrators arrived in front of the prefecture in the late afternoon, where a Thirty policemen had taken a stand. Several protesters were injured, an More Bank journalist said, who was able to see one of them hit by a defensive bullet thrower.

    In Lille, between 1,500 and 1,800 people according to the prefecture, 3,000 or more according to the "yellow vests", showed in the calm – a figure significantly higher compared to last week.

    "Free Christophe" and "benalla in prison" and "macron resignation" chanted by the crowd of at least 2000 vests … https://t.co/FLGsHyaW6u

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    They are also, according to the prefectures, some 2,600 demonstrators in Nantes, 3,000 in Caen, 2,500 in Rouen, 1,500 in Strasbourg, 1,200 in Saint-Etienne, a thousand in Lyon, 200 in Le Touquet (Pas-de -Calais), near the villa of Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron. From 150 to 200 "yellow vests" blocked at the middle of the day the traffic on the viaduct of Millau. Several demonstrations were dotted with clashes between "yellow vests" and police.

    Incidents also broke out in Bar-le-Duc, Besançon and Strasbourg, where respectively eight, nine and twenty people were arrested after clashes with the police. Three policemen and four demonstrators were wounded in the Alsatian city. Calm returned at the end of the day in the three cities.

    In total, the Ministry of the Interior announced 244 arrests resulting in 201 police custody across the country. "The responsibility has triumphed over the temptation of confrontation", greeted Minister Christophe Castaner in a statement sent to More Bank.

    Act IX of the mobilization intervened at the very beginning of the winter sales, a crucial Saturday for the turnover of the traders, whose activity was very disturbed by the demonstrations of November and December.

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