France investigates Danske Bank


The Paris District Court will question the Danish bank involved in a huge money-laundering scandal. The investigators are looking at 28 million euros of transactions in France.

The financial scandal Danske Bank rebounds in France. On Friday, the Danish bank which has sent the equivalent of 200 billion euros of suspicious funds via its Estonian subsidiary, announced that it received a letter from the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Paris in early January. She summons her to an interview and " indicates that the judge plans to open a formal investigation into Danske Bank "Says the Danish bank in a statement.

Already affected since October 2017 by a first investigation in France on suspicion of money laundering related to 15 million euros of transactions, the Danish bank was finally placed under the status of assisted witness in January 2018. This new survey Judge van Ruymbeke has been extended to a total of 28 million euros of transactions carried out by Danske Bank between 2007 and 2014. In this case, the bank may no longer be assisted, but under examination.

Bill Browder on the offensive

This reversal comes a few days after Bill Browder's hearing in the Danish Parliament about Danske Bank. This investor manages the Hermitage Capital Management fund and tracks disputed flows out of Russia since the death of his lawyer in 2009 under suspicious conditions. The latter had unmasked a montage of money laundering and tax fraud involving $ 230 million from Russia. In front of the Danish parliamentarians, Bill Browder said Danske Bank executives lied to the French judges. At the origin of a complaint against the bank filed in 2013, the investor had access to several documents including transcripts of hearings. In front of the elected Danish, Bill Browder indicated that his revelations had notably led the French authorities to reopen the file.

" We do not believe that we have provided false information to the French authorities. On the contrary, it is clearly in our interest to give the most accurate view possible of what happened in Estonia Replied Danske Bank. In this context, however, the Danish bank has preferred to postpone a $ 3 billion debt issue scheduled these days.

Bill Browder is also attacking another open judicial front for Danske Bank. The investor called on the US Justice Department to cut off access to the bank's dollar. An extreme measure that led to the collapse of the Latvian bank ABLV accused of institutionalizing money laundering.

Sharon Wajsbrot