after the heat stroke of 2018 in Bordeaux, the time of freezing?

The Chamber of Notaries of Gironde presented last Friday in Bordeaux the 2018 report of real estate in the department, during an event organized in partnership with the newspaper Sud Ouest. The appointment was undoubtedly very rich in comments, as the soaring prices and gentrification are debated in Bordeaux and concern many of our fellow citizens daily. But La Tribune regrets again not to have been invited, despite requests made several times in the last five years, the last of which dates from August 2018. We must therefore be content with the summary document published on the site of the Chamber of Notaries, and therefore gross figures.

What do we learn? That without much surprise, the market has continued its advance in 2018 (more precisely, between November 2017 and the end of October 2018). "The rise is almost universal on the Bordeaux metropolis while the market marks a net withdrawal outside. The finding is simple and unprecedented: the three largest increases measured in 81 French cities over one year concern municipalities of the metropolis. Limiters of Bordeaux (+ 12.7%) the municipalities of Mérignac (+ 13.6%) and Pessac (+ 16.4%) saw their price explode in 2018", indicates Me Edouard Bentéjac, President of the House, in his editorial.

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The Chamber notes like others the gentrification at work, with households ejected from Bordeaux and forced to settle on the edge of the metropolis as the price spike was violent. The share of senior management acquirers is flashed to 38.9% in Bordeaux and 29% in the metropolis, thus raises the House. In comparison, managers and higher intellectual professions represent 17.7% of the French workforce (source INSEE – 2015). "However, this category of buyers, which has been on the rise for the past 10 years, has registered an annual decline of around 3 points in Bordeaux. This observation is all the more marked on the new collective where their share loses 9 points, to 38%, thus reaching its lowest level in ten years."Sign of a decline in rental investors and the end of the" LGV effect "?

The median prices in the Gironde department are recorded at 3,260 € / m2 for older apartments (+10,2%), to 3,990 € / m2 for new apartments (+2,8%), to 242,000 € for old houses (+3.2%) and € 110 / m2 for building land (-13%). But the market knows of course peaks. In the Bordeaux metropolis, the median selling price of old houses, for example, reached € 320,000 (+ 9%). Lormont, Tresses and Saint-Jean-d'Illac are the only three municipalities in the metropolis where the median sale prices of old houses have decreased in 2018.

Real estate price 2018 Bordeaux

Source: Chamber of Notaries of the Gironde

By focusing on Bordeaux, 2018 saw prices in the former push strong, + 17.8% while they have symbolically dropped -0.2% in the new. The median price, in both cases, is around 4,210 € / m2.

Real estate price 2018 Bordeaux

The study of notaries offers some territorial variations. In the Arcachon basin, median prices in the former rise by 9.7%, the individual housing pulling the collective where rates are stable. In Arcachon, the median price recorded for an old house is € 545,000 (+ 14% in one year). But the retention of property by homeowners seems to be decreasing since 2016/17. In Medoc, the median price of old houses climbed by 4.6%. Notaries note that the share of buyers aged 60 and over has gained almost 10 points in 10 years. Pauillac cultivates a paradox: the price of the hectare of vines reaches 1.65 million euros, the top level, while the median price of a house is 125,000 euros, at the bottom of the Medoc ranking. In the Entre-Deux-Mers, the trend is similar.

The Chamber of Notaries brings despite all two flaws, which have been noted for a few months now: a point of inflection of the market seems to have been reached. This is reflected in a -40% drop in the volume of new goods sold, despite slightly higher prices (+ 2.8% for the Gironde) and the price of building land (-9%). Even the old market is impacted and knows "a sharp slowdown in sales at the end of October 2018: -1% for homes and + 1% for apartments versus around + 15% a year earlier", always on the Gironde.

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