(More Bank) – A former manager of the United Overseas Bank Ltd. branch. in London brought an action for wrongful dismissal after declaring that he had been refused a new job because he was not Asian.

Daniel Smith, who worked for Singapore's third-largest bank for 23 years, said a manager had told him that a candidate from South East Asia was better suited for a job. Smith stated that the minutes of the meeting had subsequently been amended, when he had questioned the comments and had lost his position shortly thereafter.

"To have been forgotten for an alternative and discriminated role in my behavior, is such a failure given all that I have given to the bank on what has been the major part of my adult professional life," he said. Smith in court.

In United Kingdom employment cases, the allowance is capped at approximately £ 84,000 ($ 109,000) unless the worker can demonstrate discrimination or misconduct. UOB's attorney stated that Smith was "knocking down the dust" to gain more money, and that the other candidate was simply more qualified.

Smith, who was a senior treasury manager at the bank, was initially invited to apply for new roles as the London branch stopped offering clearing services. He said the general manager, Andy Cheah, had told him he had not succeeded because the bank had found an Asian candidate "who would lend to UOB".

While Cheah acknowledged that he had used the term "descriptive" according to which the candidate was Asian, he stated that "his race and his nationality have absolutely nothing to do with his selection".

During cross-examination of Smith's attorney, Cheah stated that he wished to "mentally prepare" Smith for the fact that the candidate would work by his side in a small office. "Looking back, it was not a good idea," he said.

A spokeswoman for the UOB declined to comment.

Smith stated that UOB had modified the minutes of the meeting that originally described the candidate as "integrating with UOB who had a strong Asian influence," reading that the candidate had to have "an ability to s 'integrate into the banking culture of UOB'.

Smith, who worked at the UOB from 1993 to 2017, said that he "was not good enough just because I was not Southeast Asian".

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