If many French people acquire a real estate in the mountains, it is as well to enjoy it with family or friends as to rent it. It must be said that the formula can prove to be most profitable. The mountain real estate market is indeed for the better. The prices vary in important proportions according to the stations. The point in this article.

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A wide choice that fits the budget

Depending on the resorts, mountain property prices vary in large orders of magnitude. A wide range that has the advantage of adapting to almost any budget. In the Alps for example, prices per square meter range from € 2,300 to over € 10,000 depending on the property, apartment to renovate or family cottage. This is an average price range. Also, to make the right purchase, look at the local market, station by station is essential. Everything depends on the desired status, the demand and the local offer. In Val Thorens, the average is around € 5,100 per square meter while in Courchevel the prices are higher: between € 15,000 and € 25,000 per m² for apartments in the old and even beyond 30 000 € for cottages. In famous resorts such as Megève, Val d'Isère, Méribel, Moriond or Le Praz, prices are included in a wide range: from € 5,000 to € 16,000 per m² for the purchase of an apartment old against 15,000 or 25 000 € per sqm for a cottage. Such price differences have the advantage of being able to adapt to the budget of each. Because with a floor price of around € 2,300 per square meter, mountain property is not exclusively reserved for the wealthiest buyers. Everything depends on the local market, the standing of the resort and the type of property: old apartment, new apartment or family cottage.

The market of new and high-end dynamic

If real estate in the old is doing well, the new is not left out. In some stations, construction files have been set aside for several years due to a blockage of local planning plans, the PLUs. This is the case in Megève and Courchevel. Result: the buyers have set their sights on property located in other locations, such as Les Gets in particular. The station saw demand pour in and prices went up mechanically. They are now between 10 000 € m² and 13 000 € in the new. A rise that is also palpable in Châtel, prices have gone from € 5,000 per m² to € 6,000 or € 8,000 per square meter in just five years. This new home market is also boosted by an international clientele. Belgian, Swiss and Middle Eastern buyers are more numerous than before. Ditto for French expatriates based in Dubai or Singapore. An international demand that keeps the new home market afloat and also helps raise prices.