<h2 class="article-intro"><strong>In order to streamline the rental market, Henry Buzy-Cazaux, founding president of the Institute of Management of Real Estate Services, proposes to make the insurance against unpaid rent mandatory for the lessors and to cancel in exchange the possibility of resorting to the bond that he considers &quot;unfair&quot;.</strong></h2>
                </p><div><p>MP Mickaël Nogal is working. It received from the Prime Minister by special decree the mission to think about improving the access to the rental market for the prospective tenants and to secure the income of the investor owners. It should be added that the intuition of the government is to believe that professionalizing the rental and management of housing is desirable: to date, only one out of two rentals is through a real estate agent and only one third of the park rental is in the hands of property managers. However, we know from experience that individuals are in the approximation -in any case more than professionals ... - both to set the level of rents and to choose tenants, rolling between laxity and excessive demands when they are not illegal. <br/>

What is interesting in this case is that it comes back to a reflection that other governments before that of Édouard Philippe had led without ever reaching a viable solution: universal guarantee of rent (LUG), housing cover universal (CLU), whatever the name, in any case we feel that the question of organizing a balanced and happy rental market remains intact. We also know that the subject is very quickly ideological: the State must it act alone or enter a logic a win-win logic vis-à-vis the community of insurers by creating a product from a public partnership- private? Should it involve the managers to the point of making them bear the entire responsibility to open the choice of tenants and ensure the payment of rents?

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One thing is certain: the French rental market is not modern. It is dependent on archaic risk management mechanisms, whether criteria for selection tenants – CDI, having paid their rent regularly – or existing insurance devices, the two obviously being corollary. In the series of existing devices, the most hackneyed of all and the most dangerous is that of the physical person bail. What is it about ? A prospective tenant whose solvency seems fragile to the lessor or his agent solicits a third party, who comes to guarantee the payment of the rent in case the tenant would come to no longer assume its obligations. The solvency criteria are at the discretion of the lessor or its manager, but they are often at least as demanding as those who weigh on the tenant. In short, we are in tautology: we only lend to the rich. Madame Boutin, in the MOLLE law – aptly named in this regard – has rethought the use of the surety, making it exclusive of insurance against unpaid rent. It has opened a gap without going to the end of the exercise: it is necessary to make insurance against unpaid rent obligatory for the lessors and to eliminate the possibility of resorting to the bond, an unfair mechanism.

Injust first: who do you think is able to get the deposit to rent his home? Family solidarity, legion thirty or forty years ago, no longer exists: families are split up, geographically and emotionally, and parents, the natural surety of children, are now more often less solvent than their parents are. children, pay-as-you-go pensioners – without h -, possibly residents of Ehpad and having to face considerable costs … when they are not already dead. The days are gone when the family fabric was tightened, and it was easy to solicit a father or a mother or grandparent at a cheap price. It is added that the deposit was invented when the status of tenant was a worse and that as soon as possible the young households acceded to the property: they can not do it for many of them and find themselves tenants at the heart cities at mature ages, to have to justify a surrogate solvency, at the cost of superhuman efforts, for large rents corresponding to family flats. Today, only those who have network, who are socially strong, can get a deposit worthy of the name, meeting the criteria. The deposit is humiliating.

Not to mention that the bond is infinitely protective month that it has been. First, no positive file of the bonds. Clearly, notwithstanding the commitment made by a surety of a tenant not to have committed otherwise, we can in no way be assured that it has not given his bail to another tenant. One can not be sure that one year, two years or five years after signing it is still as solvent as it was. Did not she lose her job? Has his family situation not changed? Did not his family unit burst? It must also be recognized that the moral authority that a surety exercised over a relative tenant or friend is no longer the same: twenty years ago, a simple call from a person who had surety to his godson was enough to restore the situation and the debtor was paying … This moral authority was disintegrated.

As for bank guarantees, hogwash: the financial institutions provide their deposit on the condition that you sequestriez a special account a year rent. Suffice to say that the banks do not want to cover the risk of unpaid rent and that this territory does not interest them, which does not reveal at her a long strategic vision: the market of tenants, future buyers, is conquers there and they have obviously not understood. The management professionals, on the grounds that the deposit is free, remained attached to it while the insurance solution, infinitely more efficient, was within their reach.

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The Nogal deputy, elected from the Haute-Garonne and vice-president of the Economic Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, can masterfully advance the rental market with a stroke of pen, erasing the bond, response from another time to a current problem. Only an insurance solution can streamline rental relationships. It is only time to realize and draw them the archaism in which they engage, with the key to a cruel lack of social openness and what Hegel would have called the reproduction of the same, it is to say the inability to look at new realities.

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