The United of New Aquitaine brings together a variety of professionals: whether they are building managers, real estate agents, condominium managers, property dealers or real estate experts, they are among the operators who closely follow the evolution of the real estate market. . If the latter began to cool in Bordeaux, the trustees see this as the normal effect of a necessary rebalancing. Because Bordeaux, now the second most expensive city in France, has seen, according to the United States, a price increase per square meter of more than 40% in 10 years, of which 15% in 2017 alone.

"At the end of 2018, the market was back to normal," says Daniel Seignat, the United States, "while all the other cities are still seeing their prices rise, that of Bordeaux tends to fall because of the readjustment of the market." , so analyzes the United.

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But the lull in prices does not apply to the whole city. "The Golden Triangle, Saint-Seurin or the Chartrons are neighborhoods that are still popular where prices continue to fly", illustrious Jurgi Aramburu, member of the United States (Oralia Lapierre des Deux Rives).

More than 2,000 new inhabitants per year

The United states that in the old Bordeaux, in Saint-Pierre, the T2 of 55 m2 is exchanged at 299,500 euros, while in Saint-Seurin, district popular with families in the Paris region, the T3 of 62 m2 reaches 355,000 euros, and that the Chartrons, now famous for being the rallying point of the Parisian bobos, a T4 of 87 m2 finds taker 499,000 euros … Contrary to the promoters, the trustees of Bordeaux are also not worried about the decline sales volume, which they say is not specific to the port of the Moon. "The fall in the volume of real estate sales concerned the entire French territory in 2018 and Bordeaux has not departed from it", judge laconically the United. Measured in their forecasts, the members of the United of New Aquitaine believe that in 2019 the real estate market in Bordeaux should continue to grow.

"Several indicators suggest that the year will continue on the same dynamism as in previous years, but at a more moderate pace.The next two quarters show that borrowing rates remain at their lowest. Elan (Evolution of Housing, Development and Digital), does not represent any negative impact, and the city remains attractive with more than 2,000 new inhabitants every year, "Jurgi Aramburu analysis.

A rental market in crisis

The trustees point, however, a Bordeaux evolution divergent from the average.

"We find that, unlike other cities, the average time of sale in the Girondin capital has increased, due to the low margin of negotiation between the initial selling price and the price recorded when the compromise was signed. the Bordeaux market remains very fluid, "says Mathieu Caillaud, a member of the same agency as Jurgi Aramburu.

Less detailed than those of notaries, the figures of the United are close. Returning to the same three districts of Bordeaux intra-muros, the United States specifies that the average price per square meter is set at 5.681 € / m2 in Saint-Pierre, 4.258 € / m2 in Saint-Seurin and 5.267 € / m2 to Quinconces.

On the other hand, the United States confirms that the rental market in Bordeaux is going through a really difficult time, the offer not following the demand.

"Tenants, in doubt not to find an apartment in a month, prefer to have an apartment before filing their notice.This is partly why the opening of the market is not done, decrypts Mathieu Caillaud. Airbnb is also a problem, he continues, since many owners prefer to go through this type of platform, since for 120 nights declared, they get about 20% additional profitability.Today some real estate agencies are left with about 50 less than before, which represents a decrease from 15% to 35% depending on the agencies ".

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