Office property: the ni-ni of Aix-Marseille

2018, average year. Thus, the total transactions in the Aix-Marseille area are summarized. A year for not annus horribilis but where the 125 000 m2 placed are a little less good than the 145 000 m2 placed the previous year. The months follow each other and are not necessarily the same, in office real estate as elsewhere.

It must be said that in 2017, two major operations had been carried out, including the 24,000 m2 of the regional council within EuroMed Center and BNP Paribas with the Corail building. 2018 will therefore have been exempt from transactions exceeding 10,000 m2. But the proof that the market is rather healthy is that if in m2, 2018 was less efficient, in number of operations is better than 2017. Everything is fine then.

Absorbed offer

"Much of the available supply has been absorbed", details Nicolas Treich who had warned of the possibility of an air hole a few months ago, a prediction that is confirmed, but,"it's not bad market health"Consequence: lack of new offers available, it is the second-hand market that takes over and progresses.

In Marseille, unsurprisingly, "lThe dynamic sector remains Euroméditerranée, which is consistently ahead, ahead of Marseille Sudsaid Nicolas Treich, no major transactions either, but it is the ISO that drives the market.The Phocaean city sees its center not behave too badly also for small and medium surfaces. "Marseille Sud also suffers from lack of available surfaces", says Nicolas Treich and it will not be the case before 2021.

Always good to know, "users are looking for new-generation buildings, because it responds in particular to gains in terms of costs and in terms of business strategy"Proof if there was (still) need that"CSR aspects also apply to real estate".

To make investors listen, "buildings in white find takersThe triptych that is doing well is a decent rent, an environment with services available and easy accessibility.

Search offers desperately

In Aix-en-Provence, the subject of office real estate is still a subject. "The market is secondary, compared to Marseille", says Nicolas Treich.The land is expensive but Aix-en-Provence remains nevertheless a very sought-after area, which is well perceived"still weakens the transaction director BNP Paribas.

Especially as on the perimeter of the Pays d'Aix, of "many programs are running"This gives hope for a renewed offer by 2020-2021."Companies are always in a logic of growth, the indicators are reassuring"If Marseille is pulled by Euroméditerranée, Aix-en-Provence benefits from the impact of thecamp,"which remains a true spearhead of the metropolis. We need totems that radiate beyond the territory"A metropolis of which"branding is improving"It must be said that the renewal projects in terms of public transport in particular reassure, unconsciously or not."Confidence grows", says Nicolas Treich, a ni-ni auspicious.