The 4th Mitsubishi Electric Cup concludes with innovation and congratulations to the International Institute for Research and Studies Manav Rachna, Faridabad


"D.K.T.E. ICHALKARANJI Company "became the winner of the Gold Cup of the 4th Mitsubishi Electric cup

February 16, New Delhi: After staging the Mitsubishi Electric Cup for three successful years, Mitsubishi Electric, a leading electric and electronic equipment company, closed its fourth edition of the Mitsubishi Electric Cup on Saturday, February 16, 2019. Launched in 2016, the Mitsubishi Cup Electric, an annual event of Mitsubishi Electric India, has become the largest national automation competition in India, inviting many teams of university engineers to design, build and present innovative, factory-automated work models. The trip for the 4th Mitsubishi Electric Cup began in July 2018 and saw several submissions from projects and teams working on their innovative project models. All participating teams were supported by Mitsubishi Electric India's technical support team and received the Mitsubishi Electric factory automation key products, such as programmable logic controllers, human-computer interfaces and machine (HMI), servo motors, variable frequency drives, etc. name a few.

The competition, which lasted two days, was one of the best displays of innovative projects designed by participating teams and focused on the theme "The digital industry by intelligent imagination. These models were based on intelligent solutions intended, inter alia, for construction automation, industrial manufacturing processes. Team "SPARK" of D.K.T.E. Society of the Institute of Textile and Engineering, ICHALKARANJI became the winner of the 4th Mitsubishi Electric Cup, receiving Rs. 1,00,000 and the winner of the trophy; "CON-SOL-E-3.0"Equipped with Institute of Technology, NIRMA University, Ahmedabad bagged the second position, receiving Rs. 75,000 and second prize; andTEAM EMINENCE"from CUMMINS College of Engineers of the MKSSS for Women, Pune ranked third in the competition with prizes of 50,000 rupees and a trophy; they also received the award for the most popular team. An appreciation prize of 10,000 rupees and certificates was awarded to the 15 selected teams. All participating teams also received participation certificates from Mitsubishi Electric India.

The contest consisted mainly of three parts: "System Design and Presentation", "Basic Knowledge" and "Good behavior". "System Design and Presentation" requires that participating teams focus on the theme "Digital Industry Through Intelligent Imagination", independently design and produce a complete set of devices / models using Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation products. The control system must be built on the basis of: the eF @ ctory concept. The basic knowledge test includes questions about programmable logic controllers, inverters, HMI, servomotors, and the industrial automation network, in order to examine students' understanding of products and services. Mitsubishi Electric industrial automation technologies. Under "Good Behavior", participating teams must comply with the discipline and the provisions of the organizing committee, ensuring the words and actions, organized in a friendly and civilized manner.

"Congratulations to the winners of the 4th edition of the Mitsubishi Electric Cup. I congratulate all the participating teams for organizing such a learning event. We are forced to witness such young talents showcasing their innovative creations. Mitsubishi Electric provides students with a platform to work in teams, create innovations and excel in the field of factory automation, ultimately contributing to the national skills development mission. To boost motivation, Mitsubishi Electric will sponsor a visit to its Japan headquarters for the winners of the Gold Cup. Students will have the opportunity to observe the world-class manufacturing facilities located in Mitsubishi Electric's Industrial Automation Plant in Nagoya, Japan. In addition, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all participants and support members from institutes, organizations, companies and CII for their support and success of this event. We hope that our initiative will also help young minds to innovate in their future endeavors, "he said. Mr. Katsunori Ushiku, General Manager of Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd..

Dr. Amit Bhalla, vice president of educational institutions Manav Rachna, said: "We are honored to have been chosen to host the fourth edition of the Mitsubishi Electric Cup. The work models presented at the competition were a clear sign of emerging innovation in India and reflected the growth potential of budding engineers in our country. Manav Rachna has a strong network of research, innovation and an entrepreneurial ecosystem rewarded by many international awards in the field of technological innovations. Such competitions broaden the spectrum of students. I congratulate Mitsubishi Electric for its unparalleled role in developing and developing the skills of young engineers. "

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