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Real estate: higher prices did not dampen buyers in 2018

In real estate, the rise in prices continues in 2018 without however dissuading buyers (Credits: Pexels) The years follow each other and are similar in real estate. The dynamics of transactions have not yet dried up, despite rising prices in… Continue Reading →

A really terrible idea for Deutsche Bank

(More Bank Opinion) – If you're looking for one of the worst ideas in contemporary banking, look no further than Germany. The proposed merger between Deutsche Bank AG and Commerzbank AG would undermine any idea that EU governments are serious… Continue Reading →

Banque de France: rising purchasing power of the French in 2019 but a debt and public spending to contain

Banque de France: increase in the purchasing power of the French in 2019 but a debt and public spending to contain (Photo credit: Fotolia) During his hearing before the Finance Committee of the Senate, François Villeroy de Galhau, Governor of… Continue Reading →

Belgian banks want to recapture their employees into health

Swap the suit for the white coat. In Belgium, it is the original proposal that Febelfin, the federation of the financial sector, has just launched to dampen the meltdown. As in France in particular, the ecosystem of banks is disrupted… Continue Reading →

Nexity takes control of a specialist of shared workspaces

The French real estate giant Nexity took control of the group BAP, specialist of shared workspaces or "coworking", announced Wednesday the two groups, confirming the interest of major players in the sector for this booming market. "Nexity and Morning Coworking… Continue Reading →

Societe Generale plans to reorganize its market activities

The market activities of banks continue to disappoint at the beginning of this year. Societe Generale warned Thursday in a statement of a decline of 20% on its income in these trades in the fourth quarter. This drop is 10%… Continue Reading →

cold shower for the banking sector

2018 annus horribilis for the banking sector? In light of the turmoil in the financial markets at the end of the year, banks are beginning to gauge the impact on their accounts. And after Natixis, it's Société Générale's turn to… Continue Reading →

Real Estate: Do you intend to buy or sell this year? Prices, sales, rates …, discover what awaits the market

PRONOSTICS – Slight decline in sales volumes, moderate price increases and still extremely low interest rates: the real estate market should remain "dynamic" in 2019, despite a slight slowdown, according to BetterAgents forecasts. 2019-01-17T13: 01: 24.051Z – Laurence VALDÉS No… Continue Reading →

A debit card for borrowers making student loans will not do much to erase a mountain of debt

The US Department of Education is about to test a new debit card for students receiving federal loans. For the federal government, this means less hassle and a way to find out if students are spending their financial aid wisely…. Continue Reading →

the Danish bank again in the crosshairs of the French justice

New rebound in the Danske Bank case. The first Danish bank, shaken for several months by a huge money-laundering scandal, said Friday, January 11, that it had received a letter from the Tribunal de Grande Instance (TGI) of Paris earlier… Continue Reading →

GB-Clouds in view of the real estate market as Brexit approaches

LONDON, January 17 (More Bank) – The outlook for evolution of the real estate market in Britain have fallen to their lowest historical level at ten weeks from the planned release of the European Union, shows a survey on Thursday… Continue Reading →

Fund managers who have called China Stock Bottom See more gains to come

(More Bank) – Sign up for our new newsletter on China, a forthcoming weekly dispatch stating China's current position and next destination. At the end of October, as Chinese equities plummeted, investment managers at Deutsche Bank Wealth Management made a… Continue Reading →

The purchasing power of the French will increase in 2019, according to the Banque de France

The Banque de France and INSEE agree on an improvement in the purchasing power of the French in 2019. The headquarters of the Banque de France in Paris, May 18, 2016. (More Bank / PHILIPPE LOPEZ) Per capita purchasing power… Continue Reading →

Mobile Credit Card Readers Take Over Card Payment Sector –

Credit card payment solutions have become much more diversified in recent years. Mobile card readers, in particular, are invading the credit card payment market. They are also called Mobile Payment Terminals. They are found mainly in small businesses and SMEs…. Continue Reading →

Real estate credit: rates will remain very low over the first six months of the year, according to Cafpi

Real estate credit: rates, access conditions … the broker Cafpi answers our questions Philippe Taboret, Deputy Managing Director of the broker Cafpi, is the guest of Philippe Taboret's first "Real Estate Meeting" of the year and presents us with a… Continue Reading →

NAB says technology stocks send Australians abroad

(More Bank) – According to National Australia Bank Ltd., Australians are seeking exposure to advanced technology and Asia's burgeoning consumer demand, prompting investors to opt for equities. Foreign. Demand for international shares on the lender's nabtrade platform surged nearly 30%… Continue Reading →

in 2019 companies will have the ability to raise wages

The governor of the Banque de France, François Villeroy de Galhau, spent most of this Thursday, January 17 in Bordeaux where he met, along with the regional director of the central bank, Patrick Berger, business leaders and officials policies of… Continue Reading →

Societe Generale's warning throws a chill on the banking sector |         The 17/01 at 09:25 | Updated on 17/01 at 09:53 The Paris Stock Exchange opened down after two consecutive rises. Societe Generale's warning on its fourth quarter accounts is driving the entire banking sector in its wake. If… Continue Reading →

The French real estate market seduces investors again

In 2018, the real estate network saw a surge (+ 24.7%) in the share of rental investment in real estate transactions. (Credit: Fotolia) Despite the heavy taxation that affects real estate, the stone, considered a safe haven, benefits from stock… Continue Reading →

Central bank window for replenishing ammunition closes

(More Bank) – The window for restocking monetary ammunition is getting ready for the world's major central banks. With the slowdown in economic growth and the slowdown in inflation in major economies such as the United States and the euro… Continue Reading →

Bank: Focus on Africa's informal financial flows

Banks have played almost nothing in Africa yet. Moody's new outlook confirms this. According to the US rating agency, "the penetration rate of banks is still low." Indeed, in the field, 80% of the African population manage their money without… Continue Reading →

the transfer to 50 million shocks Spain

Santander created a shock in the banking sector on Tuesday night, announcing that it gave up to propel the investment banker Andrea Orcel at its head because it would have cost too much to the bank. The arrival of the… Continue Reading →

Rennes benefits from the LGV effect but escapes the "horde of Parisians"

<p class = "canvas-atom-canvas-text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "REAL ESTATE – The real estate market remains healthy in the Breton capital according to the notaries, even if prices are… Continue Reading →

The slowdown of the Italian economy creates additional pressure on populists compared to the budget

(More Bank) – Italy's populist government needs renewed criticism of its economic policies after further signs of slowing fueled speculation that additional measures would be needed to spur growth and contain the deficit . "If the data shows a slowdown,… Continue Reading →

Bank of Italy lowers its 2019 growth forecast

Bank + Follow                                                                      Followed                                     Followed Posted on 18/01/2019 at 17h10 The Italian economy will grow by 0.6% this year, according to the Bank of Italy's latest estimates released on Friday, down sharply from its December forecast of 1.0%. because… Continue Reading →

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