Kitten crashes Baltimore Ravens, Miami Dolphins Thursday night football game – Palm Beach Post

The last play of the Baltimore Ravens game with the Miami Dolphins wasn’t surprising because of any players, but because of a kitten that ran across the field.

The Ravens beat the Dolphins 40-0, but before the end of the game, a tabby ran across the field at M&T Bank Stadium and onto the Dolphins’ sideline. 

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The Huffington Post reported that the feline’s moves were noted by former Dallas Cowboys player and current NFL commentator Tony Romo.

“Look at that. Perfect form, extension. I mean, it doesn’t even get fazed that there’s people around,” Romo said to co-commentator Jim Nantz. “Look at the the change of direction. Does he get both feet in here at the end, Jim?”

By Friday, Sports Illustrated reported that the Ravens said the cat had been adopted and opened the floor to fans on Twitter to help name the feline.

Fans and other Twitter users had a range of suggestions that had cat-themed plays on names of notable Ravens’ players, from Stray Lewis to CJ Meowsley, but a well-respected stadium employee identified as Yogi adopted the cat and decided to name her Rae, after the Ravens.

“I’m ecstatic to have a new addition to my family,” Yogi said.

According to the Ravens website, the it’s not clear how the cat got into the stadium, but the open air feature means animals have a possible way in. A member of the Baltimore Ravens security team carried the kitten by her scruff off the field.

A cat runs to the Miami Dolphins sideline as the Dolphins play the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium on October 26, 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland.
Patrick Smith/Getty Images

A cat is removed from the bench area of the Miami Dolphins late in the fourth quarter against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium on October 26, 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland.
Rob Carr/Getty Images

“We’ve been looking for quite a while now and just hadn’t found the right one,” Rae’s new owner said. “This one is so loving. She’s going to be a perfect fit.”

Yogi previously owned a tabby named Mrs. Prissypants, who he says is nearly identical to Rae. Six months ago, Mrs. Prissypants died at age 17.

Rae is going to join Yogi’s 85-pound, cat-loving chocolate labradoodle at her new home.

“They’re going to be like two peas in a pod,” he said.

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