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In response to J. Dyer’s apologetics on behalf of the government pension offset, I’d like to offer an opposing, uglier picture of this government program for wealth redistribution.

My recently departed wife — and her employer on her behalf — was required to contribute in excess of $55K over 30 years to the Social Security system. With interest earned, that total would have been close to $100K by the time of her retirement. We elected to defer taking those retirement benefits until she reached age 70.

The last 10 years of her 38 year teaching career were spent in a California public school district, as were mine. If she had lived to 70 she would have collected very little based upon the WEP. Additionally, because of this GPO program, there would be no survivor benefits. This public school service resulted in the government confiscation of all her contributions.

And to what end this government confiscation? If it were purely to maintain the integrity of the Social Security system, one might be more sympathetic. However, the like many vital government programs, the Social Security funds are treated like a “piggy bank” from which Congress can repeatedly borrow to support various programs. Those might include their own extravagant

retirement system and medical plans

well above those available to the average American.

For many years there has been an effort to modify this unjust treatment. However, since it doesn’t really impact Congress members, there is little interest there in making the necessary changes. Yet another reason so many folks are calling for a “draining of the swamp.”

Dr. Tray Schreiber


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