Trump would like to see the Central Bank lower rates

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Donald Trump said Tuesday that the US Central Bank (Fed) should lower its key interest rate, which it believes is a brake on the growth of the world's largest economy.

"I would like to see the Fed with a lower interest rate, I think the rate is too high, we have a lot more trouble with the Fed than with anyone else," he said. he pitched to reporters just before he left to celebrate Thanksgiving at his property in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

Unlike the majority of his predecessors, who were not publicly criticizing Donald Trump has multiplied reproaches – sometimes insults – to the Fed. The latter has raised its rates three times this year and plans to continue a "gradual increase" until 2019.

Almost all economists estimate that the issuing institution will raise its key rate in December at the last meeting of the monetary committee of the year.

If the president is in an unusual role vis-à-vis the Central Bank, he is far from the only one to consider that a continuation of this policy of the increase in the cost of money may break a growth that is starting to show signs fragility, even if it continues to make envy among most industrialized countries.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said he had not yet made the decision to curb growth to avoid overheating and a slippage in inflation.

Last week Jerome Powell – not to mention Donald Trump's tweets or invectives – said: "We are not trying to control what we can not control, we are trying to control what is controllable."