"We can take within a bank"

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"I will always remember this January night when it all started! It was just before the weekend of my birthday, I received an email from HSBC management, calling to participate in an intrapreneurship program. My company decided to give the opportunity to three women to join "66 miles", a women's intrapreneurship program created by the Willa incubator. Undertaking in my company … It was done for me!

Why exclusively female? Women are very poorly represented in the tech community, and in addition to the fact that in traditional intrapreneurship programs, the majority of project leaders are men. Sensitive about gender diversity, my employer has chosen to participate in this women's program to support the initiative.

To understand, for what?

I work in the insurance sector and I realized that the management of estates was a difficult event to manage, both internally, because the processes are complex and involve many interlocutors, and external for those close deceased customers who are experiencing one of the most difficult moments of their lives.

I decided to tackle this issue, even if I was not an expert, and to propose an innovative digital solution, Easylife, that would both simplify the lives of our customers and their loved ones, but also our employees by rethinking the organization and fluidifying the communication. I am well aware that this is not a "fun" subject, but I was convinced that it was very valuable.

Propelled in the intrapreneurial adventure

My project was selected and I am propelled into the intrapreneurial adventure. Every Friday is dedicated to the development of my idea. I'm immersed in a new world with its codes and its language: that of startups and tech! I immediately experimented with new ways of working and I discovered the lean startup. We had weekly workshops to discover new principles and apply them.

So I identified the different customer targets of my solution and defined "personas". I conducted interviews with people who had the misfortune to live and manage the death of a loved one to understand what they had experienced, capture the pain points along their journey and identify their needs and the solutions that could have saved them from suffering. Thanks to all this information collected face to face or via questionnaires posted on the internet, I was able to confirm my hypotheses. The management of the estate is a path full of pitfalls and my idea of ​​simplifying all that made sense.

I was taught throughout this program that we should not fall in love with a solution but always go back to the user problem that we wanted to solve. So I challenged the solution I had in mind at the beginning of the program and I enriched it. I proposed to set up a service offering around the death to support our customers' relatives, simplify their procedures and streamline our exchanges with them.

This adventure is exciting, even if the path is still long. It was not an easy task, I felt at times alone and outdated, but I held it and it was worth it. My employer decided to develop this service ".